Synthetic rubber packaging tape with overprint

Single sided tape on an extra strong BOPP foil. Characterized by strong initial adhesion and resistance to high and low temperatures. Perfect for both light and heavy boxes.

Typographic form of an overprint

 PMS – Graphic form of imprint

  •          surface flexographic overprint, protected by a special layer of release, or overprint  under foil, non-erasable
  •          overprint up to 8 colors, colors matched according to PANTONE Matching System
  •          overprint may be designed by Dalpo Graphic Studio.

CMYK ( PHOTO TAPE) – Graphic form of imprint

  •         flexographic overprint, under foil, non-erasable
  •         colors matched according to CMYK scale
  •         parameters of print: LPI 107; DPI 2400
  •         excellent print in photographical quality

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