FREEZER TAPE with overprint

Single sided tape on BOPP foil with modified Hot-Melt glue. Perfect for both light and heavy boxes.It can be used in low temperatures (i.e. freezers).

 PMS – Graphic form of imprint

  • surface flexographic overprint, protected by a special layer of release, or overprint  under foil, non-erasable
  • overprint up to 8 colors, colors matched according to PANTONE Matching System 
  • overprint may be designed by Dalpo Graphic Studio.

CMYK ( PHOTO TAPE) – Graphic form of imprint

  • flexographic overprint, under foil, non-erasable
  • colors matched according to CMYK scale
  • parameters of print: LPI 107; DPI 2400
  • excellent print in photographical quality