Masking tape

Single sided, paper masking tape suitable for painting and plasterer's works. Protects smooth surfaces made of wood, metal, plastic or glas Does not leave marks.

Code Color Size Packing
TM30/25 yellow 30 mm x 22 m
TM19/40 yellow 19 mm x 36 m
TM25/40 yellow 25 mm x 36 m
TM38/25 yellow 38 mm x 22 m
TM48/25 yellow 48 mm x 22 m
TM48/40 yellow 48 mm x 36 m
TM25/25 yellow 25 mm x 22 m
TM30/40 yellow 30 mm x 36 m
TM19/25 yellow 19 mm x 22 m
TM38/40 yellow 38 mm x 36 m