21.07.2014 - Correct Packaging



Proper packing of goods is important !!!

  1. The way of packing should be adjusted to a weight and type of shipped goods.
  2. Cardboard Bowes should be strong and of good quality.
  3. Minimum width of tape should be 48mm, or 75mm for bigger parcels.
  4. While taping the box you should remember following rules:


A.   Tape should be applied to all joints of the box.

B.   After application, tape should be smoothed with a dispenser or hand in a way its whole surface sticks to a box. 

C.   The best way is to pack the box in “double letter T”. Thanks to this all sides of carton will be protected and impossible to be opened.



D.   The box must be filled in fully in a way there is no empty space inside.





In case of leaving an empty space inside a box there is a risk of interference of unauthorized parties or the content can be damaged.




F.     The box after closure should not have any bulges.











In case of closing the over packed box there is a risk that tape springs back and in result it can unstuck from a box.